28.02.2017. Rare Disease Day.

During past 28th February Rare Diseases Day took place in Vall d’Hebron and it’s 11th session was organized by Plataforma de Malalties Minoritàries. This year’s slogan was “Fem pinya, Fem recerca” (stick together, let’s do research), emphatizing the importance of research as a driving force in which patients are every time more involved.

Emphasis was also placed on conducting research at the international level, so rare diseases research can be guaranteed efficiently for a better and faster diagnosis and so to reduce the number of people around the world that face the daily challenge of living with an undiagnosed rare disease.

Among other topics:

  • Non diagnosed diseases programs: URDCat and ENoD, speech given by Dra. Montserrat Milà, Head Office of Genetics & Molecular Service of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and also CIBERER member.

  • RD-Connect: Implementation of Personalized Medicine and Genomics. Speech given by Dr. Sergi Beltrán, Bioinformatis Head Office at CNAG-CRG.